3DG Frame Fire

Frame Fire is a simple, fast and cross platform render manager for 3D- and composite software. It is currently in development – but used in-house at Sunday Animation Studio, where I’m the TD. A prototype was written in Python and put to work in the winter of 2010/2011. A complete rewrite in C++ has begone but not yet in alpha.

  • Written in C++ and Python
  • Fast, Robust and Lightweight
  • QT for GUI
  • ZeroMQ for network
  • Consists of server, client and node
  • Supports Maya, Nuke, AE and Custom Jobs
  • OSX, Linux and Windows builds
  • Price (if any) and Release date unknown

Frame Fire has a server, a client and a node. The server is extremely lightweight while the client handles control and submission of the jobs . The node is running the jobs and is installed on every render node/machine. It was build with robustness and simplicity in mind.

I don’t know yet if and when Frame Fire will be released to the public and what price, if any, it will have. It’s developed in my spare time and I see no chance for public beta in 2011.

Frame Fire uses QT for GUI and ZeroMQ for network in both the python prototype and the C++ version, that’s under development. It’s currently supporting Maya 2011-2012 (Software, Vray, Mental Ray and RenderMan), Nuke 6.x, After Effects CS 5.x and a custom job submission option. Right now it’s only running on OSX but will support Linux and Windows if and when it’s released – and of course more render software will be added over time.

I will update this page as the render manager progress – please contact me if you have any questions.