Sunday Pipeline (Maya)

Sunday Animation Studio in-house pipeline for Maya is an ongoing development of tools, changes/optimizations and plugins for Maya. The goal is to fill the gaps for a small studio that uses Maya and extend the Maya toolset. I develop Sunday Pipeline while working as the TD at Sunday Animation Studio but also a lot of my spare time goes into this. It’s not available to the public but I hope to have it released later in 2011 for free for other studios and individuals to use. Sunday Pipeline is developed to run on OSX and Linux but it should run on Windows as well.

Current Features (version 0.3)

  • Developed in Python and QT for GUI
  • Easy installation and update from online source
  • Dynamic reload of shelfs and settings
  • Settings, project, scene enhancements for faster/easier workflow
  • UI Tweaks like docked outliner and custom shelf
  • Asset warehouse tool for easy storage of objects, scenes, shaders etc.
  • Animated geometry cache import and export tool (GeoCache)
  • Asset export tool with geometry cache assets
  • Custom controller and locator tool
  • Plus save with custom options
  • Easy export animated camera and locators to After Effects
  • Hotkey scheme changes (beta)
  • Sunday Between Tool (automatic geometry generation between joints and objects)
  • Sunday Shaderliner (outliner for shaders)
  • RenderLayer export and import
  • Render tools and fixes for Mental Ray passes and contribution
  • File texture enhancements
  • And much more…

Credit to some of the tools goes to Rene Mastrup and Michael Glans for idea and testing.